Opening to the public next week is the very first retrospective of the work of British artist Linder, a feminist and figure from the Manchester punk and post-punk scene. The exhibition ‘Femme/ Objet’ will feature over 200 of Linder’s drawings, as well as performances from her post-punk outfit Ludus, and the premiere of her brand new ballet “The Ultimate Form.” Linder has been an underground cultural force for decades, since around the time she created the cover for The Buzzcocks’ 1977 single Orgasm Addict, depicting a naked woman with an iron for a head, and two shimmering smiles in place of nipples.
Fri 1 Feb-21 Apr.
Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris, 11 av du Président Wilson, 16th. M° Iéna.

Oh Grateful Colours, Bright Looks II, 2009 ©Linder

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